Meet Your Mentors

DeVon and Danah have been married over sixteen years with two darling daughters.  As products of broken homes, they were determined to create a legacy for their girls that was different.  However, they had no role models to show them the way.  Through much trial & error, pain and lots of prayers, they defied the statistics.  They learned what doesn't work and what it takes to build a marriage that is thriving. Now they are sharing everything they've learned with you so that you can build a thriving marriage too.  

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Your Marriage Mentorship Includes:


Monthly challenges designed to build your communication, connection, and affection in your marriage.  It's a great form of accountability & some healthy competition within the group.


Downloadable worksheets, checklists, and activities. All designed to help assess your relationship, facilitate dialogue and develop skills.


A private interactive group of couples that want their marriage to last.  Discuss topics, share ideas, ask questions, build connections with other couples to support you on your marriage journey in our forums.


Monthly Live web classes and Q&A sessions with your mentors and/or expert guests.  Access to a growing library of on-demand videos and podcasts.  Topics cover marriage, parenting, communication, finance, and more. 

3 Things Every Marriage Needs to Thrive



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Membership Options




For less than $1 a day, you can have 24-hour access to resources to help strengthen your marriage.  No contract. Cancel anytime.



For those who understand the long-term commitment and investment required to have a thriving marriage.  $49 off the monthly price.



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