This Is Us.

We are DeVon and Danah Artis. We have two beautiful and intelligent daughters as well as a “doggie daughter.” Family time, traveling, and food are some of our favorite things. In our nearly 17 years of marriage, we have laughed together, cried together, fought together, and overcame together. For over a decade we have been thriving in our marriage. Our passion and life purpose is to help people, like you, create their own legacy of a happy healthy home.

You see, we both were born to single mothers. We know firsthand the struggles mothers go through trying to take care of a family alone—survival mode. Through our childhood, we both saw our mothers in verbally, and physically, abusive relationships. No matter how hard they tried to protect us from what was going on, we were eyewitnesses to the pain and brokenness. We were eyewitnesses to the wearing masks and pretending everything was wonderful. We were eyewitnesses to the rejection. Out of all the mess we witnessed, one powerful lesson both of us learned is that we didn’t want that type of life when we grew up for ourselves or our children. Okay, we knew exactly what we didn’t want but we didn’t know what a healthy relationship looked like either.

As single adults, before we ever met, we intentionally worked on how to have a healthy relationship. Through books, classes, hanging with healthy couples, counseling, and coaching we were able to learn what is required to be successful in marriage. Even with all this knowledge, we still faced obstacles in our marriage. We didn’t give up. Divorce was not an option, though the thought did cross our minds. We don't want you to give up!  We want to help you change some patterns so you can experience living happily ever after.  In our heart of hearts, we honestly believe that if two people are willing to work, any marriage can go from surviving to thriving. We’ve seen it happen in couples we’ve worked with over the years.